LEAD in Asia Conference

20 - 22 JANUARY 2016


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Extended abstracts are invited for poster presentation sessions. Each presenter must be in attendance during the allocated poster session to interact with individuals who are interested in their poster. The page limit for papers is 5 A4 pages (excluding references/bibliography, tables and figures), with 2.54cm (1″ margins), double spaced text, 12-point Times New Roman font. Papers should be written in English as a Microsoft Word document and conform to the Academy of Management Journal submission style (aom.org/publications/amj/styleguide/).  

The front/cover page should include: Title of paper, Name of author(s), Employer/organisation, address (surface mail), telephone and fax numbers, email address. To facilitate the blind review process, remove ALL author-identifying information after the cover page, including in headers or footers. Please also ensure that any author identifying information is removed from the file properties. Check that the paper prints correctly (i.e., all imported figures and tables appear), and ensure that the file is virus-free. The entire paper (title page, abstract, figures, tables, references, etc.) must be in ONE document using Microsoft Word (.DOC).

Papers presented at the conference will be collated in the conference proceedings. Best papers from the conference will be selected for review, and invited for publication consideration in local and international journals. 

All submissions, both full papers for individual presentations and extended abstracts for poster, must be original and should not have been previously accepted for publication in a journal, or presented in another conference. Authors who fail to adhere to the guidelines will be rejected without consideration of their merits. 

Submissions imply the willingness of at least one author to register, attend the conference, and present the paper.

Please submit your manuscripts (excluding any author identifying information) to the following email:

submission guidelines

individual presentation

Submissions are invited for individual presentation and poster sessions.

Fully refereed papers are invited for individual presentation sessions. Each presenter will be allocated 15 minutes for PowerPoint presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers. The page limit for papers is 15 A4 pages (excluding references/bibliography but including tables and figures), with 2.54cm (1″ margins), double spaced text, 12-point Times New Roman font. Papers should be written in English using the Academy of Management Journal submission style (aom.org/publications/amj/styleguide/).  Each submission will be subjected to a double blind peer-review process. Submissions that do not pass the review process will be allocated to the poster session.

  • Studies using one or more established leadership approaches (e.g., servant leadership, authentic leadership, transformational leadership, paternalistic leadership, ethical leadership).  

  • ​Leadership and culture, including comparison between Western and Asian orientation of leadership approaches. 

  • ​Not-for-profit and youth leadership development initiatives in Asia.

  • Processes and outcomes of leadership at organizational, team and/or individual levels on key organizational outcomes such as citizenship behaviors, ethical climate, creativity and innovation, organizational commitment, corporate performance, etc. 

  • ​Executive leadership development program in Asia.

  • Philosophy of leadership, particularly those emerging from the Asian perspective.

  • ​Development of leadership measures in the Asian context.

  • ​Negative forms of leadership (destructive leadership, abusive supervision, toxic triangle) in the Asian context.

  • Case studies of high performing leadership practices in Asia.

In that light the LEAD in Asia Conference invites submissions based on theoretical or empirical investigations that employ various methodologies and highlight a specific leadership topic. Submissions that communicate qualitative or quantitative research findings of interest to organizational leaders in Asia are particularly encouraged. The following topics are indicative of the themes that would be particularly pertinent to the conference, though they do not constitute an exhaustive list:

The unparalleled economic growth in Asia has seen the proliferation of leaders at various levels in various types of organizations across the region. Scholarly work on leadership excellence and development in this part of the world, however, is quite scarce relative to research conducted in the West. It is now well documented that the overwhelming majority of leadership research is done in the West or at least premised on models and measurements developed in the West using data from one or more countries in Asia. Clearly there is an increasingly important need to have better contextualized theories and constructs of leadership that accurately reflects the rich heritage, philosophy, traditions, and cultures of Asia. Such efforts will inform the development of leadership approaches indigenous to this region and improve leadership effectiveness in Asian organizations. More broadly, they will make significant theoretical and practical contributions to the field of leadership, and in turn accelerate further the contributions of Asia to the global economy. ​​​

Leadership Excellence and Development in Asia (LEAD in Asia) Conference

20-22 January 2016                                                                
Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Bali